High Performance Features: Features


Ultra-Clean, Contaminant-free HVAC and Duct System

2020 Gateway's LEED-certified system is light years ahead of what other office buildings can offer. It provides:
  • Higher than hospital grade air, nearing hi-tech clean room rating
  • Secure server on each floor available 24/7
  • Ability to set individual temperature control
  • Automatic control system turns individual heating and air conditioning on when employees are at their desk and off when away

Air Quality 

Particle-Free, Better than Hospital Grade Air Quality

Standard office filters have an efficiency of 35%. Hospital standards are 80-95%. 2020 Gateway has 95-99% efficiency, equivalent of hi-tech clean rooms.
  • Building is flushed for 2 weeks prior to occupancy to filter out any contaminants
  • No chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in HVAC system
  • All carpets, paint and adhesives free of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions = NO fumes or odors
  • Building and outdoor areas near the entries are tobacco smoke free

Water Conservation

Advanced Watering System Saves 6 Million Gallons of Water Per Year

All irrigation water for the 14 acres of 2020 Gateway’s native landscaping comes from a state-of-the-art, chemical-free cooling and heating system that harvests the HVAC’s cooling tower bleed water, resulting in a savings of 5.7 million gallons of water a year, the equivalent of annual water usage for 185 homes. Drought tolerant plants were specifically identified and used throughout the project. All plumbing fixtures meet or exceed state-of-the-art water conserving recommended guidelines.

Energy Management

Individual Temperature Controls, Back-up Energy Systems, Fail-Safe Power Feed 

In another unique and value-added feature, the main point of entry for 2020 Gateway’s telecommunications is on the second floor, protecting against flood damage. In addition, the building is set up for orderly shut down of equipment in case of emergency or power loss.

2020 Gateways’s exceptionally low energy usage exceeds California’s Title 24 energy standards by 19%. This is accomplished through a commitment to the latest high performance and energy saving building materials, HVAC, lighting systems and equipment throughout the building:

  • More than 71% of the electricity produced from wind, solar and geothermal energy
  • Photovoltaic panels harvest 187 kilowatts of electricity from sunlight which equals 46,000 tons of carbon
  • Green energy core and shell electricity contracts with SMUD guarantee much of 2020’s energy comes from renewable resources (sun/wind/water)
  • Automatic light sensors
  • Ventilation (outside) air is continuously monitored and is only pulled into the building when outside temperature is lower than inside
  • Back-up generator, continuous power feed from three SMUD substations

Employee Benefits

Healthier Work Environment Means Increased Productivity, Improved Employee Health, Reduced Insurance Costs

The combined sum of 2020 Gateway’s high performance, LEED-certified and energy efficient building systems translates into an array of work and wellness-related employee benefits:

  • Increased ventilation (outside air continuously monitored and only open when outside temperature is lower than inside temperature, building flushed for 2 weeks prior to occupancy, no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) used in the HVAC system, all carpets, paint and adhesives are free of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, building and outdoor areas near the entries are tobacco smoke free)
  • Temperature (can be individually controlled with automatic sensors that turn heating and air conditioning on and off as employees come and go)
  • Lighting (automatic sensors)
  • Daylighting (75% of interior spaces provide access to natural daylight and views)
  • Air quality (95-99% efficiency up from standard 35% efficiency)

According to A Report to California’s Sustainable Building Task Force, LEED Gold buildings show a 1.5% increase in productivity (a little over 7 minutes each working day) which means less absenteeism, respiratory ailments, allergies and asthma (hidden in sick days), more time spent at desk, lower unemployment insurance and medical costs.

Click here to read the report.

Based on a company leasing 25,000 square feet, with 100 employees at an average salary + benefits of $60,000 per employee and a 1.5% increase in productivity as a result of a LEED Gold building, a company would save $90,000 per year and realize $3.60 per sq. ft. per year savings.*

*average salary+benefits x number of employees = annual payroll ÷ 1.5% = savings

$60,000 x 100 = $6 million x 1.5% = $90,000 annual savings in productivity

Savings Per Square Foot:

Annual savings in productivity ÷ sq ft = annual savings per square foot $90,000 ÷ 25,000 = $3.60 annual foot savings per square foot


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